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Sonoca Properties is one of the premiere real estate investment companies in Southern California and has closed over $175 million in real estate deals. While Sonoca and its president Deborah Zartman have been involved in numerous types of real estate projects, its two main focuses are value-add opportunities in the residential space and private lending to other investors in need of capital for their real estate ventures.

Although Sonoca Properties technically began less than a decade ago, Deborah was raised in the world of real estate investing. Her father, who was one of the most prolific real estate investors in the state of California, offered to allow Deborah to shadow him to learn the business.

During this time, her father instilled in her the very principles and philosophies that paved the way for his own success which included the importance of one’s word being gold and being the type of investor who could be trusted to perform even on a “handshake” deal. These very same standards are what allow Sonoca Properties to continue to thrive as a company and are what guide every decision made by the organization today.

Ms. Zartman has said that the goal of Sonoca Properties has always been to “Make Los Angeles beautiful, one house at a time.” This goal remains the same today, except now it’s multiple houses at a time.


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